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Best Erotic Massage in Budapest

Erotic masseuses

EROTIC Massage in Budapest

Sensual and utterly relaxing Erotic massage in is a perfect way to treat yourself and have some great quality me time. At Pesti Massage, located in Budapest, we offer a wide variety of erotic massage services such as body to body massage, lingam massage, nuru massage, tantric massage and our special milking table massage. Even when you think you’ve tried everything, our beautiful masseuses will find a way to pleasantly surprise you. Choose whatever erotic massage you’re feeling like getting today: tantric, body rub, or maybe a couple massage and book a session with one or two ladies at a time.











Erotic massage therapies offered at pesti massage

Milking Table Budapest

The one and only premium milking table in Budapest. Milking table massage is a novel approach within the realm of therapeutic massages. Our custom-designed tables are engineered to maximize client comfort and improve the efficacy of the massage. The unique cutout areas are precisely positioned to support different body parts during the session, providing a distinctive experience that focuses on both physical and mental rejuvenation.

Classic Tantra Massage BUdapest

Tantric massage is a holistic approach to massage that originates from ancient Tantra teachings, which emphasize the spiritual and sensual connection through touch. This method is distinct in that it includes the entire body, including the genitals—known as yoni for women and lingam for men—integrating sexual energy as a vital aspect of the practice. The purpose of tantric massage is to build a bridge between spirituality, sensuality, and sexuality, promoting a deep sense of relaxation and emotional connection. The practice involves gentle, rhythmic touch that engages not only the body but also the spirit and soul, aiming to release blockages in the sexual, root, and heart chakras, thereby enhancing emotional responses and potentially leading to a profound state of heightened, sustained pleasure. Tantric massage uses a variety of techniques, including soft strokes and deeper manipulations, to invoke feelings of serenity and bliss, ultimately fostering an environment of self-discovery and intimate personal connection.


Body-to-body massage, also known as a full-body or Nuru massage, is an intimate form of therapy that involves direct physical contact between the massage therapist and the client, with both parties typically unclothed. The therapist uses their own body to apply pressure and slide against the client’s body, facilitating a deeper and more personal connection. This technique not only helps in relaxing tight muscles and releasing tension but also enhances emotional and sensual responsiveness. The use of oils or slippery gels, like Nuru gel, allows for smoother movements, creating a sensual experience that transcends traditional massage boundaries. This type of massage is celebrated for its ability to reduce physical and mental stress while promoting a profound sense of relaxation and wellbeing.


If just a single pair of hands is not enough to satisfy your erotic massage needs then you can go for our 4 handed massage program in which 2 of our beautiful masseuses will massage you from head to toe, this therapy is great as it evenly massages the whole body one on each side or taking turns in harmony which will give you the relaxation you need.

happy ending massage

A “happy ending” massage, also known as an erotic massage, is designed to provide relaxation and pleasure, often culminating in sexual release. This type of massage focuses on erogenous zones and includes various techniques to help alleviate stress, improve circulation, boost mood, and enhance intimacy between couples. In Budapest, where such massages are legal and discreet, numerous styles are offered, including sensual, Nuru, tantric, four hands, and lingam massages. These cater to different preferences and provide unique experiences, such as the body-to-body contact of Nuru massage or the spiritual connection of tantric massage. For those interested in experiencing a happy ending massage in Budapest, it’s important to choose a reputable provider to ensure a safe and satisfying session. Preparation involves communicating preferences and allowing oneself to relax fully to enjoy the sensual benefits fully.

Erotic Massage

Pesti Massage offers a variety of professional erotic massages, including tantric, lingam, yoni, body-to-body, slippery, nuru, and sensual massages, each designed to provide an extraordinary experience through highly trained staff. Our focus is on the quality of services and guest satisfaction, emphasizing that while our massages incorporate erotic elements to enhance the experience, they do not include any sexual services. Our offerings are strictly professional erotic massages, ensuring a sensual but non-sexual experience for all guests.


Nuru massage is a distinctive form of erotic massage that utilizes a special water-based Nuru gel which is known for its extreme slipperiness. The massage involves the masseuse using her entire body—including arms, breasts, stomach, buttocks, and thighs—to perform the massage, enhancing physical contact and relaxation. This gel is not only colorless and odorless, ensuring it leaves no marks on the skin or fabrics, but is also made of 98% natural ingredients, making it suitable for sensitive skin and those with allergies to conventional massage oils. The Nuru massage session is set in a specially designed environment with relaxing music, special lighting, and a calming atmosphere to enhance the experience. The highly sensual Nuru Massage focuses on stress relief, improving circulation, and releasing endorphins for emotional and physical well-being.


Yoni massage is a specific type of tantric massage that intentionally involves the genitals, focusing on the yoni, which is the term for female genitalia. It is part of the broader practice of tantra massage, which integrates spirituality, sensuality, and sexuality, aiming to create a unified experience of the body, spirit, and soul. The massage is not aimed at sexual gratification but is intended to explore and stimulate responses to touch, promoting sexual healing at a physical level. During a yoni massage, the masseuse uses soft strokes and sensual techniques to work with the sex chakra, channeling its energy to the heart chakra where it transforms into love. This process is seen as massaging the divine essence within the individual, enhancing emotional openness and sustaining a heightened state of desire through controlled breathing techniques.


Our couple’s massage programs offer a perfect gift for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, or any special occasion. Choose between a single masseuse session, where the massage is interactive and educational, allowing you and your partner to learn techniques that can be practiced at home; or opt for a dual masseuse session, where both of you can relax completely with no effort required, enjoying the massage side-by-side, possibly even holding hands. Please note that not all masseuses are available for these programs, so we encourage you to consult our options and pricing details on our website.


Lingam massage, similar to yoni massage, is a specific form of tantric massage that also consciously involves the genitals, focusing on the lingam, which is the term for male genitalia. This practice is rooted in tantra, which seeks to integrate and harmonize the body, spirit, and soul, aiming to build a bridge between spirituality, sensuality, and sexuality. The primary goal of lingam massage is not sexual release but rather to deepen the recipient’s experience of their own sensuality and the responses of their body to touch. During the massage, the practitioner engages not only with the lingam but also incorporates the entire body, aiming to release and align energy within the sex chakra and facilitate its flow to the heart chakra, thereby transforming it into an expression of love.

Best Erotic Massage

Pesti Massage would like to offer you the heady moments that you can take in our discrete salon, where your dreams come true. The ladies are beautiful, delicate professional masseuses who are eager to execute everything with the aim of giving you an unforgettable memory of a ‘stolen hour’. Our Erotic Massage Services such as Tantric Massage Budapest  and Milking Table service is a special unique experience, providing a relaxing, full body massage, with a sensual tantric touch guaranteed to make your stress disappear.

Looking for the best Nuru massage location in BUDAPEST? At Pesti Massage , you will meet gorgeous women that can arrange a unique erotic massage session for you. The masseuses are ready to change and customize regular erotic massages so that you would fulfil your dreams. As soon as the session is over, you will think about where to squeeze in the next one in your calendar.

Our wonderful Nuru slide massage therapists do their best to perform a massage that would awaken your senses and refresh both your body and spirit. Gentle touches, the relaxing atmosphere, and two bodies in a sensual skin to skin action. There’s no similar experience to the one you’ll get at Pesti Studio.



Towel and sleepers are provided during the session, and showers are without the ladies (unless you chose the extra shower massage) Please note that lingam or tantric massage are performed only by hand, and that we do not offer sexual services. Girls perform the massage with their panties on, and no kissing or touching is allowed (unless you add the mutual massage as an extra) We encourage you to make a reservation before coming to make sure we have availability. We accept only cash in HUF, EUR or USD at the current exchange rate. Opening hours: Mon-Sun 14:00-22:00.

Erotic Massage Reviews

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"Pieris Massage in Budapest is a hidden gem. I decided to get a tantra massage from one of their erotic massage menus, and it was like nothing I'd ever had before. The masseuse Emma was skilled and careful, making sure I was comfortable and calm the whole time. The massage itself was a unique mix of traditional techniques and sensual touches that made me feel both physically relaxed and mentally refreshed. The salon is clean, comfortable, and tastefully decorated, which adds to the experience as a whole. I can't say enough good things about Pieris Massage and would recommend it to others as well. I would say it is better than happy massage in terms of erotic massage in Budapest."
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"I had a wonderful experience in this salon, I chose the milking table program with Maya, a wonderful woman, the massage was sensual and professional, and Maya was amazingly kind, beautiful, a good conversational partner, her presence is very reassuring and she provides an unforgettable service, I definitely recommend her, you won't regret it 🙂 I will definitely come back to she. The receptionist is a very nice smiling girl, I received thorough information about everything, the salon is very beautiful and clean with a cozy atmosphere 5* The best massage salon in Budapest."
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"I wanted to try this experience with my boyfriend in a tantra massage salon, and this couple massage service was exactly what I expected, professional and sensual. 5 stars its fair."
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"Absolutely recommended, this is a must-do experience in Budapest. I have had a few massages with them. The facilities were nice and clean, and the masseuses were excellent. I will definitely come back soon!"
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"I entered the parlour and was greeted with a very beautiful receptionist who gave me information about all the erotic massage services. Also the extras and body to body massage. The girls were all very beautiful, my masseuse asked my preferences and made sure that i enjoyed every second of the massage. I would say best erotic massage in Budapest. I would definitely recommend the nuru massage and body to body massage. I think they also offer couple massage. Do book an appointment so you don’t have to wait for a slot but nonetheless the staff is very professional. I think best money spent for massage in Budapest."
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"My expectations were achieved in Pierismassage salon with the program milking table with nuru massage, definitely I will come back for another tantra massage :)"
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"Best erotic massage in Budapest, the masseuses are professional and beautiful. I would recommend the body to body and tantra massage. Would definitely visit again."
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"I had a 30 minute massage program with Anna and Eda. It was my absolute best 4 handed massage experience ever! The massage- and bathroom were nice, clean and warm. The mattress was big and cosy. The lovely masseuses were cute, beautiful, very professional and were smiling all the time. They were super kind to me as well as the receptionist girl. Thanks to all 3 of them I had a great time at Pieris Massage salon. I wish you all the best."
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"It was my first time in this salon, but I have to say that I ended up very satisfied. The workers are professional and I really liked the erotic massage. 100% recommended."
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"1st time in a massage parlor... I'm not disappointed, I could even say that I'm more than satisfied. The welcome is excellent, very pleasant and very gentle, the premises are absolutely beautiful, very clean. The shower before and after takes place in a simply idyllic setting. I wish this would never stop. Zoé, the masseuse, is extremely gentle, warm and delicate. She is very professional and very very kind. I come to Budapest from time to time, I will definitely come back for a massage. Thanks again to Zoé, and see you soon."
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"I've never written a review before, but now I have to. I was in Pieris last week, it was my first massage. I chose a 60-minute program with two extra services (b2b, mutual). The salon is clean and tidy. The receptionist is kind and helpful and offers water. I was with Anna, who is a wonderful girl. She says she doesn't speak English, there was hardly any silence in the room. During the massage we listened to a romantic playlist, I felt like I was on a date. She has fine, soft skin and a fantastic massage. She was having fun and smiling the whole time. Thank you Pieris for having such fantastic girls working in the salon! I'm sure I'll be back next week!"

The Pesti Massage Salon is located in downtown Budapest in the VII. district, under number in Dózsa György út 54. It is easily accessible with public transportation, because its only 3 minutes walking from the Hero´s Square, and in front of one of the most important parks in Budapest, Varos Liget. It can be reached by Metro line 1, trolibus 74,75 and 79M or buses like 30,30A,230,979,5,7,110 or 112. Guest arriving with car can park in public spaces on the street.

Dózsa György út. 54 1071 Budapest

+36 70 343 3885

Our salon can be approached easily by public transportation, by taxi or by car as well.

Public transport

Metro (Subway) : M1 Station: Hősök ter.


Museum Underground Parking, Dózsa György út, 1146 Szabó József u. 2-6 Parking, Szabó József u. 2-6


Nr. 74, 75, 79M, 30, 30A, 230, 5, 7, 110, 112 Stations: Ötvenhatosok tere, Reiner Frigyes park, Dembinszky utca

Streets where you can park

Dózsa györgy út , István utca, Sajó út., Ajtósi dürer sor


Főtaxi: +36 (1) 2222-222 (300Ft/km) Taxi Plus: +36 (1) 8888-000 (300Ft/km) Budapest Taxi: +36 (1) 777-7777 (300Ft/km) City Taxi: +36 (1 ) 2-111-111 (300Ft/km) Basic fee: 700 Ft

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